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    Dietary Requirements

    Find out more about the Vegan Diet and how it works.

    Rip Esselsyn was born in upstate New York, raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and educated at the University of Texas at Austin, where he was a three-time All-American swimmer. After graduation Rip spent a decade as one of the premier triathletes in the world. He then joined the Austin Fire Department where he introduced his passion for a whole-food, plant-based diet to Austin’s Engine 2 Firehouse in order to rescue a firefighting brother’s health. To document his success he wrote the national bestselling book, The Engine 2 Diet, which shows the irrefutable connection between a plant-based diet and good health.


    Find out how to prepare great tasting Vegan food.

    Moutwatering Vegan is a website with Delicious, nutritious, cholesterol-free vegan food for Compassionate Eating. ‘BEST ONLINE RECIPE GUIDE’ AWARD WINNER 2012 UK VEGAN AWARD.

    All recipes one One Green Planet are meatless & vegan; including recipes for specialty diets like raw, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, paleo, wheat free, clean, healthy, low-calorie, low-fat, low-carb, oil-free, sugar-free & more!


    It is important to stay fit and strong, its easy on a vegan diet, find out moreŠ:

    Fitness and Exercise on a Vegan Diet: Reducing excess body fat and maintaining a healthy weight is essential to a long and healthy life. One of the many paths that people can take to achieve this is by changing their eating habits and turning to a vegan diet….click here for more

    Nutrition Research

    Find out more about the Vegan Lifestyle and how you can make a difference.

    Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is a website about health/nurtrition and research run by physicians.   There are a lot of medical resources here and a great place for more information about diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

    For more than forty years, Dr. T. Colin Campbell has been at the forefront of nutrition research. His legacy, the China Project, is the most comprehensive study of health and nutrition ever conducted.  Dr. Campbell is the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University. He has more than seventy grant-years of peer-reviewed research funding and authored more than 300 research papers. In addition, he is coauthor with Thomas Campbell, MD, of the bestselling book, The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health and wrote the New York Times Bestseller Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition with Howard Jacobson, PhD.

    Vegan Health Practitioners – this is a US based list, but we will be updating the list with more South African contacts.

    Dawn Macfarlane
    Vegan Nutritionist
    082 052 7998


    Read more in books.

    Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is a website about health/nurtrition and research run by physicians.   There are a lot of medical resources here and a great place for more information about diabetes, heart disease and cancer.


    Watch some documentaries.

    Earthlings is an award-winning documentary film about the suffering of animals for food, fashion, pets, entertainment and medical research. Considered the most persuasive documentary ever made, EARTHLINGS is nicknamed “the Vegan maker” for its sensitive footage shot at animal shelters, pet stores, puppy mills, factory farms, slaughterhouses, the leather and fur trades, sporting events, circuses and research labs.

    The feature film Forks Over Knives examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.

    Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is a groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following intrepid filmmaker Kip Andersen as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today – and investigates why the world’s leading environmental organizations are too afraid to talk about it.

    Animal Rights

    Find out more about the cruelty to animals and the process to equal rights for animals.

    Working to end animal abuse since 1995, Compassion Over Killing exposes cruelty to farmed animals and promotes vegetarian eating as a way to build a kinder world.

    Farm Sanctuary’s mission is to protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and promote compassionate vegan living.

    Mercy for Animals works to create a society where all animals are treated with the compassion and respect they so rightfully deserve. They serve as a voice for animals through proactive consumer education initiatives, cruelty investigations, corporate outreach, and legal advocacy.

    Beauty without Cruelty has resources where you can learn more about animal testing and vivisection.

    Vegan Outreach is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

    Restaurants, Food & Shopping

    Resources for shopping for food, restaurants and businesses that support the cause.

    Vegan SA is an online resource that promotes vegan businesses in South Africa.

    Happy Cow is an international website that list vegan and veg restaurants globally – this is a great resource when traveling.

    Our friends at Beauty without Cruelty do a lot of hard work to ensure that the products that receive their bunny is 100% cruelty free.  You can download their compassionate shopping guide here.