May #FirstMondayTalk with Gary te Roller


Endurance junkie, Gary te Roller on nourishing your body.

Don’t miss this inspirational talk by plant-based health coach, Gary te Roller, at Plant for our #FirstMondayTalk on 1 May 2017.

Gary is a plant-based health coach, wellness advocate, foodie and endurance junkie at heart and he will be sharing his experience and offering advice on nourishing your body while exerting yourself.

This is his passion project. Being a plant based athlete and a qualified health coach has given him the tools to make the world a healthier place. He is extremely passionate about trying to help people find the means to nourish their bodies to their maximum capability while pushing themselves to the next frontier of fitness and wellness.


Through his own personal struggles with addiction, by some miracle, Gary turned his life around and whole heartedly adopted a holistic approach to life. This is now his turn to give back, to feed your mind, your soul and inspire you through his learnings.

Gary firmly believes one’s vitality cannot be found in a pill or a good ol’ cuppa-joe, but in the nutrients that you feed yourself every day. He says ‘’for too many years society has deflected away from what really aids us in optimum health’ and through his learnings and research, he found solace in the notion of nourishing and feeding his body by consuming plant-based and whole foods.
Soon enough, through this approach, his recovery became shorter, his endurance and stamina became stronger and his body felt so much lighter – what every athlete wants..!


Join us on Monday 1 May as Gary shares and advises how you too be healthier, stronger, faster.

1 May 2017 from 17:30
Plant, 8 Buiten Street



Are More Millennials Changing to a Vegan Lifestyle?


Well according to This Is Why Millennials Are All Turning Vegan it would appear the case. And not just because it’s trendy, there is more weight to this millennial shift… possibly the results of the findings of the World Health Organisation around red meat as a probable carcinogen.

This position is affirmed by The Guardian, the number of vegans in the UK has risen by 350% in the past decade. And wait for it, the movement is driven by the young… close to half the vegans in the UK are aged 15-34 (42%) and they doing it for the animals and the environment.


Social media websites such as Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr etc., make the whole ‘healthy lifestyle’ in general seem more appealing and almost desirable to the majority, as they have managed to make it look affordable and attainable. This is according to Panoptic and we agree.

Either way we are please to note the change and even more delighted when Jackie from Spoon University, the go-to food website for millennials, sent us a personal congratulatory note for being listed in ’50 Things to Eat in Cape Town, South Africa Before You Die’!

What are you waiting for, get to Plant and order a Quesadilla!?!


Millennial going vegan
Teenagers changing to a vegan lifestyle for health, animals and environment
Social media role in veganism increasing
Mexican Quesadilla
Plant Quesadilla
50 things to eat in Cape Town before you die!

Cape Town is Fast Becoming a Hub for the Vegan & Vegetarian Gourmand


In February 2014 we opened the doors to our humble Café in Bo-Kaap. Now two and half years later we have a full-service restaurant in the heart of Cape Town; a new Plant Café in Observatory, plus we are developing our own Plant deli line of #deliciouslyconscious goodies for you to take home and enjoy. Things have moved on. As happy as we are with our growth over this time, we are even more delighted to see the general growth of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and cafes in Cape Town. How wonderful that we finally have options?

Recently The Inside Guide ran an article on on the Best Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant in Cape Town, of course we are happy to have made the list but we are happier to see so many others on the list… You should set yourself a challenge to visit them all before the end of 2016. To keep them alive and to keep this sector growing, you need to support them with your wallet and your mouth.

Here is the full list: The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Cape Town

Good luck. Enjoy the challenge. Happy eating!

New Welcome To Plant Video

Because video tells a story so well, we decided to enhance ours. Take a quick look inside Plant and you will ’see’ our story a little clearer… Hope you enjoy it. We will be doing more soon, tell us what you’d like to see.

Our thoughts are with the activists working in Yulin

With the atrocities of the Yulin Dog festival currently going on, our thoughts are with the activists out there trying to save theses dogs. It is a sad world we live in but we are committed to making the word a kinder place… and we hope you are too.

Anna Pippus makes a compelling argument, one worth sharing with your friends and family. And a good conversation starter.

Click here for the full article

#Yulin #dogmeatfestival #vegan #

Must Watch Video on Living a Vegan Live

If you could say one thing to the people of the world what would it be?

What would you say?
What would your message be?

We asked Phillip Wollen and Wally Fry this question…. The response, so profound, so moving… they talk to character and consciousness.

Have a listen, it’s four minutes well spent.

Plant Presents Spin’age Saturday

Spin'Age Event

Healthy Home. Healthy House.

The Plant team is super excited to announce our first Spin’age Saturday event. Yes we are turning our Healthy Home into a Healthy House Music Venue and who better to create awesome Spin’age on the decks, than DJ Adien…

Join us for an evening of fun on Saturday 25th April. Sexy deep house will be the order of the night. Doors open from 20h30. Music will play & drinks will flow… DJ Adien and her DJ guests will rock your Saturday evening

Having played many circuit parties locally and internationally, we know you will enjoy the beats from DJ Adien, for a sneak preview, click here.

You can find the event on Facebook so please feel free to share with your friends and diarise Spin’age Saturday 25th April 2015 now.