#120Snips Challenge


Listen Up Cape Town! We are proud to say we know some amazing people who do fantastic work for our furry friends, especially in the informal settlements like, Blikkiesdorp (Tin Can Town), and Hawston (Rescued Animal Drive). They are making a difference by educating, saving, sterilising, healing and feeding the animals in desperate situations.

We have come up with a plan to reduce their workload and the suffering and we need your support. Help us to reduce the number of unwanted, neglected animals in the streets. As Plant, we pledge to sponsor one sterilisation per month. We are going to challenge other small businesses in Cape Town, to do the same.

Our target is to get to #120Snips in a year! You do the math – 10 businesses participating, each paying R300 per month, amounts to 10 dogs/cats sterilised per month and 120 dogs/cats per year. Yes, hundreds of abandoned lives and homeless puppies and kitties avoided, every year.

A few kind vets that regularly offer reduced sterilisation prices (R300 per sterilisation) to TCT and RAD have agreed to support #120Snips even further, by doing it for only R250 each, if we ensure 10 per month. These vets are including deworming and immunization in this fee! Remarkable.

Please support this cause by sharing the #120Snips Challenge with friends and please get your company involved. For only R300 pm, they can support #120Snips and contribute to 12 sterilisations over the next year.

Up for the #120Snips Challenge? All you need to do is email adien@plant.co.za for more details on how to get started.


For more information on:


RAD – Rescued Animal Drive (NPO 117 – 568)


TCT – Tin Can Town Inc

Remember you too can help: #AdoptDon’tShop

Mexican Madness at Plant Restaurant!

Mexican Madness Plant Restaurant

Mexican night is back Tuesday 14 July from 17:00!! Join us for an evening of our favourite Mexican flavours. Booking essential.

  • Menu: Nachos / Quesadilla / Black Bean Burger / Burrito / Mexican Salad / Chilli con Veggie
  • Sides: Grilled corn – Chipotle style / Mexican red rice / Chilli poppers – NOM! / Spicy ranch sauce

Fully stocked bar but Margarita’s will be the order of the day 😉

Click Here to Contact us and book a table

Come hungry! Come thirsty!

Mexican Monday at Plant

How do you beat the Monday blues? Are you also dreading Monday morning on Sundays already? I definitely do, but I think the best way to get into a new week is by starting it the way the last one ended. With that I mean good food and drinks as well as happy people. Plant hosted its first Mexican Monday yesterday and I’m sure most people that joined the “FIESTA”, soon forgot their Monday Blues. The vibe at Plant was fantastic as always and even a cheerful birthday celebration was going on. The mouth- watering menu with a Mexican twist made it hard for people to decide what to order. Starters included legendary chili poppers as well as a tasty nacho bowls which were great to share for the whole table. I also had difficulties to decide for the main course… on recommendation of one of the friendly staff members I opted for a bun-less “Mexican” tower. Have a look at the picture.. it speaks for itself, doesn’t it?



Cape Town Vegan Challenge – April 2015

vegan2Are you up for the Challenge?

If you have been wanting to try it but find veganism too daunting and don’t know where to start, or if you are looking for a health challenge, here it is… Join the Cape Town Vegan Challenge from 1 April to 1 May 2015. Just do it, it will be a great adventure, your body will love you for it and we are here in support. Do it for your health, do it for the planet, do it for the animals.

Plant is pleased to support the Cape Town Vegan Challenge 2015. To encourage you along the way, we are offering all active participants a 10% discount on meals at Plant from 1 April to 1 May 2015. Now that is a great offer, so why not sign up for the challenge today?

Join this event if you want to sign up or support, and join the group if you’d like to share your experiences with others taking the challenge:

Click Here to go to the Events Page

Join Vegilicious in April for a month-long challenge to try vegan – we’ll be here for support! We have a solid event-lineup, check it out:

  • 29 March: Cowspiracy Screening + CTVC Launch:
  • 1 April: Supper Club:
  • 6 April: Bring ‘n Braai:
  • 9 April: Cooking Class:
  • 12 April: Film Screening (TBC)
  • 17 April: Supper Club (TBC)
  • 19 April: Speciesism Screening:
  • 24-27 April: Fully-catered weekend away in Greyton:
  • 29 April: Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale:
  • 1 May: Vegan Cheese & Wine Evening (TBC)

Click Here to go to the Events Page