For Two Years We’ve Been #PlantStrong

Plant Restuarant

For two years we’ve been #PlantStrong

On 12 February 2014 we opened the doors to baby PLANT – Plant Cafe in the Bo-Kaap. What a ride it has been. I worked 18-hour days and had absolutely no idea how to run a cafe, let alone a restaurant. But somehow the mistakes became lessons and we grew stronger and kept learning.

On 4 December 2014 we moved into our new premises and yes, we continue to learn.

To my rock and my greatest cheerleader. Thank you for your support, for your time and energy and for being my therapist during the stresses at Plant. Jax, your unwavering support means the world and you rock at our social media too.

We have had amazing highlights and many moments when I have wanted to cash in the chips. Grey hairs, sleepless nights and a ridiculous amount of stress became the order of the day but we served compassion and that’s what drove me to stick with it.

If we could change the way people thought and encourage them to ask questions about making compassionate choices, this was worth it. We are continuing to grow and learn and our mission is clear. We want to change the world out there for the animals. It is not necessary for animals to suffer so that humans can thrive. And they suffer. They suffer in the dairy industry, they suffer for eggs. 160 million land animals are slaughtered daily for human consumption.

Thank you to each and everyone that has supported us. To our loyal customers and to my awesome staff, an enormous thank you!

If you are eating meat and animals products, please just take a moment, while you are eating to think about where your food comes from and know there is life after cheese  #DeliciouslyConscious

>>>> Adien Aggenbach is the founder and owner of Plant. You can follow her on Twitter @Adien


Plant Rated As One Of World’s Best Vegan Restaurants


We are proud to announce that Plant Restaurant has been rated as one of the world’s best vegetarian and vegan restaurants by American Express Essentials. Review below:

“GREEN CUISINE: THE WORLD’S BEST VEGETARIAN RESTAURANTS Plant, Cape Town, South Africa: Cape Town and the adjacent Winelands are known as a foodie destination and, thanks to farm-to-table restaurants with their own kitchen gardens, there’s usually a vegetarian choice on the menu. If you prefer an entirely animal-free dining experience, Plant offers up just that: plants, in a dizzying array of fresh and healthy dishes.”

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Plant Reviews at Heyvegetarian

Thank you Africa for the support, we love feeding you delicious #PlantStrong food.

Some of the latest reviews:

Lauren Frank 2015-11-13

Finally got to visit this evening for my birthday and it was even better than i thought it would be. Love the vibe, food and service was good! 

Aidan Walsh 2015-11-07

Omg! I was blown away by the venue and the menu! I’ll be back to try out everything ♡♡♡

Tracy Thatcher 2015-11-06

An absolutely awesome place. Have been wanting to go there for ages. Finally got there today and it was definitely worth the wait. I will be …

For the full list of reviews go to:

Plant Review in Cape Town’s Darling

Recent review by Candice from Cape Town’s Darling:

This trendy little spot is conveniently situated on the corner of Buiten and Loop Streets. This 100 per cent vegan eatery serves up healthy and delicious plant-based grub. Their all-natural, flavourful smoothies (all R40) are irresistible – I especially love the Mint Choc-Chip smoothie, which is a blend of rice milk, mint, spinach, banana, cocoa chips, protein mix and ice. Yum! Their Quinoa Salad (R39) and Mushroom Burger (R55) are great, too. What’s more is they even make their own vegan-friendly mayo, cheeses and tempeh bacon!

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Another Review: Lunch at Plant, Cape Town’s new vegan restaurant

Plant Restaurant Review

Recent review by John & Lynne Ford:

Vegans may now celebrate. Plant is here Vegans and vegetarians get very short shrift in South Africa. There are even some who regard chicken as a vegetable in this meat obsessed country. And selections for them in most restaurants are abysmal. A salad or a plate of steamed vegetables are all they are usually offered. Today we were invited to Plant restaurant and served a selection of totally vegan food, full of flavour, spice, texture and enjoyment.

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Entering Vegan Territory At Plant

Recent article by Jade Taylor Cooke

 If you’re anything like me, you have a mealtime internal monologue that goes something like this: ‘I know I should eat something green and leafy for a change but you know what? It’s cold/Friday/Monday/insert excuse here, and that triple-bacon, extra-cheese ciabatta seems like a far preferable option. I’ll start being healthy when it’s warmer/Monday/insert random deadline here.’ …

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Plant Supports ‘GREEN MONDAY’ in South Africa

Plant Green Monday


Cape Town, South Africa (October 7, 2015) Humane Society International today announced the launch of Green Monday in South Africa. The new initiative, which aims to improve animal welfare, human health and environmental sustainability, will be formally inaugurated in Cape Town on Monday, with the premiere of a video narrated by actress Natalie Becker.

Green Monday will not only benefit animals, but will also play an important part in improving human health and safeguarding the environment by encouraging and empowering local governments, private companies and individuals to decrease  their consumption of eggs, meat and dairy products. South Africa is one of the first countries where HSI is introducing the concept.

Early supporters of the campaign include Baboon Matters, Beauty Without Cruelty, Fry’s Family Foods, GRASS Consumer Action, Greenpeace Africa, Greyton Transition Town, Hungry Herbivore, Plant Restaurant, Truth Coffee Roasting, SAFCEI and Soil For Life, in addition to celebrities such as Anji Woodley, Armand du Plessis, Braam Malherbe, Chef Kamini Pather, Natalie Becker, Nicole Flint, Siv Ngesi, Stevie French, Tamerin Jardine and Vanessa Haywood.

 Says Tozie Zokufa, program manager for HSI South Africa: “Farm animals are often raised in crowded factory farms that pollute the environment, in addition to causing tremendous animal suffering. From land use to water use and water pollution, to greenhouse gas emissions, there are few areas of the environment that aren’t affected in some way by animal agriculture. Cutting back on animal-sourced foods once a week can decrease our environmental footprint and help keep us healthy too. Studies show that individuals who eat a balanced plant-based diet, on average, have lower body weights, decreased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.”

 Zokufa concludes: “When South Africans sign on to Green Monday, they make a statement about the kind of world they want to live in and leave to their children. That world will be much healthier, cleaner and more humane.”

 Natalie Becker, actress and media personality, adds: “I advocate conscious living as a way of life and Green Monday South Africa is a step in the right direction.”

For more information on Green Monday, and to sign the pledge, visit

Like us on Facebook Follow @GreenMondaySA on Twitter #GreenMondaySA.

Media Contacts

Tozie Zokufa, HSI Program Manager,

Galia Kerbel, Greater Than,

Cara Fowler, Greater Than,

 About HSI

Humane Society International and its partner organizations together constitute one of the world’s largest animal protection organisations. For more than 20 years, HSI has been working for the protection of all animals through the use of science, advocacy, education and hands on programs. Celebrating animals and confronting cruelty worldwide – on the Web at

World Day for Farmed Animals


“Most farmed animals are starved for at least 12 hours on their way to slaughter.” On 2nd October, in solidarity and remembrance of their suffering, both Plant branches will be closed for the day. We encourage you to join us and millions of others around the world in a one-day #FastAgainstSlaughter.

We too believe through ‘voluntary sacrifice of food on this day, we amplify the voices of the billions of farmed animals suffering around the world’. Do your part to help mobilise a ‘compassionate global community’, join the movement and take the Fast Against Slaughter pledge.

Should you choose, you may also make a donation.

In celebration of the movement, Plant will host a “Break-the-Fast” event on October 3rd, please join us for a brunch special at both locations. It will be a great moment for all who participated in the fast to connect with one another in the community.

Plant is a proud supporter of World day for Farmed Animals.

Also of interest:

There is a local (and global) March for Elephants, Rhinos & Lions on 3rd October, at 11am, from Kirstenbosch Click Here the Facebook Page

The event Animals Matter to Africa is taking place on Sat 3rd Oct: Click Here for the Facebook Page

It is World Animal Day on 4th October 2015:

Plant Loyalty Card


Get your Plant Loyalty & Rewards Card in-store today and start earning points..

Plant fans and regulars, we are pleased to tell you our loyalty system is up and running. Yes, you can now own a Plant Loyalty Card and enjoy Rewards for your patronage.

Collect your Loyalty & Rewards card on your next visit to Plant, fill out your particulars in-store & start earning points immediately… Simply swiping your loyalty card after paying your bill. For your loyalty, we are giving you 2% cash back on all purchases at Plant.

You can redeem points & check your balances at Plant. Once Plant Café Obsservatory (Obs) is up and running, your will be able to earn and redeem points there too.


How can I check my balance?

By registering online & using your unique card number or you can check in-store by swiping your card

Can the redeem my points for anything at Plant?

Yes you can. You can reward yourself with food or beverage at any Plant location.

Do my points expire?

The expiration period in which to redeem points is 36 months from the last date your card was used. If a guest remains active then your points will remain active.

Can two people use one card?

Yes two people (couple) can share one card if you so choose. Or you may each have your own loyalty card.

We are excited about this addition to our offering and happy to be rewarding our loyal guests. Get your card in-store today.

Plant Restaurant Loyalty Card