Are More Millennials Changing to a Vegan Lifestyle?


Well according to This Is Why Millennials Are All Turning Vegan it would appear the case. And not just because it’s trendy, there is more weight to this millennial shift… possibly the results of the findings of the World Health Organisation around red meat as a probable carcinogen.

This position is affirmed by The Guardian, the number of vegans in the UK has risen by 350% in the past decade. And wait for it, the movement is driven by the young… close to half the vegans in the UK are aged 15-34 (42%) and they doing it for the animals and the environment.


Social media websites such as Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr etc., make the whole ‘healthy lifestyle’ in general seem more appealing and almost desirable to the majority, as they have managed to make it look affordable and attainable. This is according to Panoptic and we agree.

Either way we are please to note the change and even more delighted when Jackie from Spoon University, the go-to food website for millennials, sent us a personal congratulatory note for being listed in ’50 Things to Eat in Cape Town, South Africa Before You Die’!

What are you waiting for, get to Plant and order a Quesadilla!?!


Millennial going vegan
Teenagers changing to a vegan lifestyle for health, animals and environment
Social media role in veganism increasing
Mexican Quesadilla
Plant Quesadilla
50 things to eat in Cape Town before you die!

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