Cultivating Whole Body Wellness

Dr Sedicka Laskery

#FirstMondayTalk – Plant

Plant is very please to announce our next guest speaker for #FirstMondayTalk for February 2017 is Dr Sedicka Laskery.

Dr Sedicka Laskery explains “As a passionate, motivational and educational speaker, I take it upon myself to facilitate various ways and means to empower society as a whole, about what I call, “whole body wellness”. She aims to enlighten communities and provide guidance on how to appropriately reach optimum health – in other words cultivating balance and supportive health. And she will be doing this at Plant on Monday 6 February 2017 at 17:30.


Dr Laskery has previously featured on radio – Cape Talk, Bush Radio, Voice of the Cape & 786FM; and television – Espresso & Morning Live. She has lectured two-day nutritional courses, has been a guest speaker at public and private functions (NGO and wellness events for corporates) and has published an article in the Wellness Warehouse magazine.

At the #FirstMondayTalk, Sedicka will share with the audience how Integrative Medicine is taking the world by storm and she will explain how it aids healing holistically. Awareness around the integrative medicine approach is growing slowly in South Africa and during the first part of the talk, she will walk through the paradigm shift needed to embrace how whole body wellness is achieved i.e. firstly to make the mindset change on how one perceives health and ill health, then too acknowledge that we need a preventative and supportive means in the toxic world we live in to achieve a higher level of optimum health.


This mind shift is integral in order to observe how the rest falls into place and to be mindful about ones lifestyle. The second part of the talk focuses on the topic of inflammation. Dr Laskery will try to use the root cause to illustrate how that paradigm shift plays out in preventative and supportive healing with a lot of education around the topic and it’s relevance to good health and ill health. She will touch on the difference between acute and chronic inflammation and what inflammation’s role is in the body and when it becomes a hazard. Often society overlooks the aspect of vague symptoms they experience and its link to a serious root cause of potential disease. The aim is to prevent disease and treat the dis-ease in the body by being mindful in our daily lives and not to wait for the symptom to become problematic with detrimental long-term effects. Her aim is to empower you to respond faster and cultivate your balance.

Do not miss out on this motivational and educational talk to become acquainted with holistic health and an integrative approach to inflammation. Inflammation affects us all irrespective of how healthy or fit you may be…

There will be a chance to ask questions after the talk and engage with others.

There will be a cash bar and the Plant ‘small plates’ menu will be available.

Date: 6 February 2017
Venue: Plant, 8 Buiten Street, Cape Town
Time: 17:30 onwards
Menu: Cash bar and small plates menu will be available
Cost: no charge

Please see Dr Sedicka Laskery’s website for more information: 

Integrative Creative Wellness
Whole Body Wellness
Dr Sedicka Laskery
Integrative medicine
Holistic and preventative approach to medicine and healing
The role of inflammation in the body

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