Free Talk: Superfood Sport Nutrition


newsflashFREE TALK: Superfood Sport NutritionSUPERFOODS FOR ATHLETES!DATE: Monday, 16th May
TIME: 7pm – 9pm
VENUE: Plant, 8 Buiten Street, Cape Town
BOOK HERE:“To be a consistent winner means preparing not just one day, one month, or even one year, but for a lifetime.” – Bill Rodgers, American runner & record holder“How can I better my performance every time I go out there and face the elements? How can I prepare for the best race of my life?”

If you’re an athlete or even just a lover of sport, you probably ask yourself these questions everyday.

With the colder seasons drawing in, we’ve got the excuse to stay curled under the covers, stay at home and keep the comfort levels up. This is the time to go against the grain; put on those track pants, climbing shoes, wet suit or vibrams and get ACTIVE!
Find those “WOW” moments while riding that long wave, climbing that steep cliff, cycling up that killer hill, running those torturous yet exhilirating trails and mastering those advanced yoga poses. Experience the hours of euphoria after working through the blood, sweat and tears!
Training plays a big role, so does one’s state of mind, but what about nutrition? 

At a stage, organic whole-foods were enough to sustain athletes, but times have changed and we can’t talk proper Sport Nutrition, if we don’t talk Superfoods. Superfoods are the choice of the Super-Athlete!

Because we want you to run that extra mile, we have put together a special free talk on SUPERFOOD SPORT NUTRITION. The best part is that this talk will be hosted by two great athletes, Nico Pfitzenmaier and Werner Daniel:

Werner Daniel (our very own Superfoods sales manager!) has worked with, and used Superfoods for the last 6 years.  He has a Certification in Raw Nutrition through David Wolfe, has in-depth knowledge on Superfoods and is beyond passionate about the Rawlicious way of life. He is a Vibram five fingers trail-running athlete, and has successfully used Superfoods to boost his performance.

Nico Pfitzenmaier is a passionate mountain biker and xterra (off road triathlon) athlete who also has experience in bodywork, sports massage and holistic healing. He is on a vegan, 80% raw, Superfoods and wheat & refined-sugar-free diet. By using Superfoods, his recovery time went down, his endurance increased, he keeps injury-free, feels more energetic and healthier than ever before. Nico often competes against other athletes that are half his age!

Come hear where they started, what they dreamt of, the obstacles and the achievements, and how Superfoods had a BIG ROLE to play in it ALL.

We look forward to seeing you there, and helping you activate the gene of the Super-Human-Athlete within, so that you may prepare for the best race of your life!

To your radiant health,

Peter & Beryn and the Superfoods team.


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