Philip Wollen talks to Cape Town

Phil-WollenDon’t miss philanthropist and supporter of non-violence, Phil Wollen, in action on 9 March!

Vegilicious will be hosting a talk by Philip Wollen, former Vice President of Citibank and founder of the Kindness Trust, entitled “Ethics, Peace & Occam’s Razor: Veganism – the new Swiss Army Knife” on Wed 9 March, 6 for 6.30pm in the ChemEng Seminar Room. Fee is R20 – vegan refreshments will be provided.

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In his talk, Philip Wollen takes you briefly on his private journey from the corporate world to kindness in action; from the world of lobsters and Lear jets to shelters and slaughterhouses. Like Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) his initiative, “Kindness Sans Frontières” also crosses the borders of nations, religions, and politics. But he also crosses the bloodiest border of all, the “Border of Species”. He then explores the intersection of faith, literature, ethics, and solving the grave problems that beset us. . . . threats to Peace, to the Environment, to our Economies, Human Health and ultimately and most importantly, to our Consciences. He presents a powerful case for the Vegan Imperative”.

Philip Wollen is an excellent speaker – see his talk on “Animal should be off the menu”

“Animal Rights is now the greatest Social Justice issues since the abolition of slavery” – Philip Wollen

For Two Years We’ve Been #PlantStrong

Plant Restuarant

For two years we’ve been #PlantStrong

On 12 February 2014 we opened the doors to baby PLANT – Plant Cafe in the Bo-Kaap. What a ride it has been. I worked 18-hour days and had absolutely no idea how to run a cafe, let alone a restaurant. But somehow the mistakes became lessons and we grew stronger and kept learning.

On 4 December 2014 we moved into our new premises and yes, we continue to learn.

To my rock and my greatest cheerleader. Thank you for your support, for your time and energy and for being my therapist during the stresses at Plant. Jax, your unwavering support means the world and you rock at our social media too.

We have had amazing highlights and many moments when I have wanted to cash in the chips. Grey hairs, sleepless nights and a ridiculous amount of stress became the order of the day but we served compassion and that’s what drove me to stick with it.

If we could change the way people thought and encourage them to ask questions about making compassionate choices, this was worth it. We are continuing to grow and learn and our mission is clear. We want to change the world out there for the animals. It is not necessary for animals to suffer so that humans can thrive. And they suffer. They suffer in the dairy industry, they suffer for eggs. 160 million land animals are slaughtered daily for human consumption.

Thank you to each and everyone that has supported us. To our loyal customers and to my awesome staff, an enormous thank you!

If you are eating meat and animals products, please just take a moment, while you are eating to think about where your food comes from and know there is life after cheese  #DeliciouslyConscious

>>>> Adien Aggenbach is the founder and owner of Plant. You can follow her on Twitter @Adien