Plant Loyalty Card


Get your Plant Loyalty & Rewards Card in-store today and start earning points..

Plant fans and regulars, we are pleased to tell you our loyalty system is up and running. Yes, you can now own a Plant Loyalty Card and enjoy Rewards for your patronage.

Collect your Loyalty & Rewards card on your next visit to Plant, fill out your particulars in-store & start earning points immediately… Simply swiping your loyalty card after paying your bill. For your loyalty, we are giving you 2% cash back on all purchases at Plant.

You can redeem points & check your balances at Plant. Once Plant Café Obsservatory (Obs) is up and running, your will be able to earn and redeem points there too.


How can I check my balance?

By registering online & using your unique card number or you can check in-store by swiping your card

Can the redeem my points for anything at Plant?

Yes you can. You can reward yourself with food or beverage at any Plant location.

Do my points expire?

The expiration period in which to redeem points is 36 months from the last date your card was used. If a guest remains active then your points will remain active.

Can two people use one card?

Yes two people (couple) can share one card if you so choose. Or you may each have your own loyalty card.

We are excited about this addition to our offering and happy to be rewarding our loyal guests. Get your card in-store today.

Plant Restaurant Loyalty Card

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