World Day for Farmed Animals


“Most farmed animals are starved for at least 12 hours on their way to slaughter.” On 2nd October, in solidarity and remembrance of their suffering, both Plant branches will be closed for the day. We encourage you to join us and millions of others around the world in a one-day #FastAgainstSlaughter.

We too believe through ‘voluntary sacrifice of food on this day, we amplify the voices of the billions of farmed animals suffering around the world’. Do your part to help mobilise a ‘compassionate global community’, join the movement and take the Fast Against Slaughter pledge.

Should you choose, you may also make a donation.

In celebration of the movement, Plant will host a “Break-the-Fast” event on October 3rd, please join us for a brunch special at both locations. It will be a great moment for all who participated in the fast to connect with one another in the community.

Plant is a proud supporter of World day for Farmed Animals.

Also of interest:

There is a local (and global) March for Elephants, Rhinos & Lions on 3rd October, at 11am, from Kirstenbosch Click Here the Facebook Page

The event Animals Matter to Africa is taking place on Sat 3rd Oct: Click Here for the Facebook Page

It is World Animal Day on 4th October 2015:

Plant Loyalty Card


Get your Plant Loyalty & Rewards Card in-store today and start earning points..

Plant fans and regulars, we are pleased to tell you our loyalty system is up and running. Yes, you can now own a Plant Loyalty Card and enjoy Rewards for your patronage.

Collect your Loyalty & Rewards card on your next visit to Plant, fill out your particulars in-store & start earning points immediately… Simply swiping your loyalty card after paying your bill. For your loyalty, we are giving you 2% cash back on all purchases at Plant.

You can redeem points & check your balances at Plant. Once Plant Café Obsservatory (Obs) is up and running, your will be able to earn and redeem points there too.


How can I check my balance?

By registering online & using your unique card number or you can check in-store by swiping your card

Can the redeem my points for anything at Plant?

Yes you can. You can reward yourself with food or beverage at any Plant location.

Do my points expire?

The expiration period in which to redeem points is 36 months from the last date your card was used. If a guest remains active then your points will remain active.

Can two people use one card?

Yes two people (couple) can share one card if you so choose. Or you may each have your own loyalty card.

We are excited about this addition to our offering and happy to be rewarding our loyal guests. Get your card in-store today.

Plant Restaurant Loyalty Card

Cooking a Curry – The Vegan Edition

Save the dates 26 and 27 September for an Indian cookery classes in Cape Town, specifically designed for a plant based diet.

Join us for a journey into the exotic world of Indian cookery. Learn the art of blending spices (masala) through a multi-sensory introduction to their history, rituals and culinary uses. 
Learn to create your own curry mix to suit the season, your chilli tolerance, and your favourite ingredients.

The class will allow you to develop a spontaneous and creative approach to Indian cuisine while teaching you the foundations of this exciting cooking style. You will take home with you a little recipe booklet and your spice blends.

Cooking a Curry: Part one offers the following:

Introduction to spices and spice blending
Curry preparation techniques

We will be making:

  • Sweet masala (sweet spice blend) followed by
  • Masala chai – traditional Indian spicy tea
  • Your own personalised spice blend
  • Rotis – Indian bread
  • Your own curry creation

Cooking a curry Part 1: Saturday 26 September 9am-12:00 Cost: R420.

Due to the growing popularity of our cooking class – “Cooking a Curry” – we are happy to announce that a follow up class is now offered to participants who have completed the first class.

Cooking a Curry: Part Two offers the following:

Understanding the diversity of Indian cuisine
An introduction to new ingredients and spices

We will be making:

  • Kahwa tea (Kashmiri spiced green tea)
  • Cashew Paneer (Indian style cheese)
  • Puri bread followed by sev puri (a popular street snack)
  • Your curry creation using paneer or regional dish from a selection recipes that will be provided

Cooking a curry Part 2: Sunday 27 September 10:00 -13:00 Cost R420.

Book both parts 1 and 2 and pay only R770.

For bookings please email