SnapScan & Bitcoin: Alternative payment methods at Plant


Tired of carrying cash? Worried about security? Just popped out and forgot you wallet? No problem! We have a new way for you to pay for your meal at Plant, without your wallet! You can now settle your Plant bill using your smartphone – it’s fast, convenient and easy. You may use SnapScan or Bitcoin to pay your bill.

What is SnapScan?

The SnapScan application is a locally developed mobile app that allows customers and merchants to complete transactions using a QR code and a smartphone. All you need to do is download the app onto your smartphone, then link a card to your account and secure your card details with a unique PIN that must be entered each time you make a purchase. The Plant SnapCode is displayed at our till point. When you are ready to pay, open the app, scan the code with your smartphone, and enter the amount due (with your unique pin code) and bang, its paid. And we receive an SMS confirming the transaction.

Learn more about Snap Scan:

What is Bitcoin?

‘Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money’. It is appealing to the non-conformist as it uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks involved. Nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. Bitcoin has grown as a form of payment for products and services. Similarly to SnapScap, Bitcoin payments are made from a wallet application on your smartphone, by scanning a QR code or touching two phones together with NFC technology (or by entering the recipient’s address), the payment amount, and pressing send. Bang its paid.

Learn more about Bitcoin:

It’s a fast and convenient and not having to carry cash or a card makes both payment alternatives attractive. Try it.


Vegan Cheese & Wine

Plant and Vegilicious Cape Town jointly hosted a delicious Vegan Cheese & Wine event on Friday 1st May. Almost 50 people joined us as we tasted 15 different vegan cheeses and sipped on elegant Stony Brook wine.

It was a gastronomic event of explosive proportions – as a vegan, one certainly has a different level of appreciation when there are boards and boards of non-dairy cheeses varying in flavour and texture to satisfy any palate, served with savoury biscuits, crostini, grapes and strawberries. Yum!

A little bit about the cheese… the Plant team prepared four cheeses, all of which will be available for retail soon (some already are) – mozzarella, cream cheese, pepper-jack and basil. Brendan of Vegilicious made a large selection of home-made cheeses including Colby olive, Boursin, Almond feta, Pepper crusted goats cheese and an aged cashew cheese, Nikki added to this with a cashew based brie cheese. Plus we had a smoked cheddar from Violife sponsored by Vfoods and aged cashew cheese from TATAMOO.

These tasty cheeses were showcased with elegant wines from Stony Brook Vineyards, a boutique wine farm in the beautiful Franschhoek valley. They produce many different wines, in relatively small quantities, in an environmentally-friendly manner to minimize their carbon footprint. Sam from The Wine List graciously poured tasters of these top quality wines namely: Lyle MCC – 2009; The J – 2014; Ghost Gum White (Bordeaux Blend) – 2013; SMV – 2011; Syrah Reserve – 2011; and V on A – 2012 (a few of these wine are on the Plant wine list, for your enjoyment). Stony Brook’s flagship wine, ‘Ghost Gum’; a Cabernet-based Bordeaux-style blend has spent 32 months in new French Oak, is highly-rated wine and “named after the one hundred and fifty-year-old Ghost Gum tree that sheds its bark in the summer and is visible from the farm’s tasting area”

For more information on tasting wine at Stony Brook visit their Tastings page or follow them on twitter @stonybrookwine or like them on Facebook

You can reach Sam on @thewinelistsa or their Facebook page.

For more information on Vegilicious events visit their website; like them on Facebook or follow them on twitter @VegiliciousCT

Cheese recipe books we like include: The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook; Artisan Vegan Cheese; The Non-Dairy Formulary.

To make Brendan’s Almond Cheese, go online to Almond ‘feta Cheese’ Spread With Herb Oil (Vegan)

And of course to be well informed about Plant events, specials and retail items, visit our website regularly and follow us on Twitter and Instagram or like us on Facebook.