Plant Wellness in the City

Plant Restaurant Cape TownGreen is the new Black. And ‘Herbivore is the new Carnivore’. Well that is according to Wellness in the City and we are happy to agree… We were so chuffed with the review they gave Plant and it is ever-pleasing to hear yet another meat-eating critic has enjoyed a meat-free meal. Delighted to be saving the animals and saving the earth, one meal at a time…

“This little spot is so much more than just a health café. They are vegan enthusiasts who strive to create awareness of animal exploitation throughout South Africa (they’ve won us over already). Like the name implies their vision is to promote a gentler and more compassionate lifestyle by making plant based options, i.e. seek bacon elsewhere! For those Banting fanatics, you’ll be happy to know that their meals are high in protein and offer meat substitutes that surprisingly don’t taste like vrot takkie.”

Click here for the full article: Herbivore the New Carnivore



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